Whole 30 Challenge

It’s almost been two weeks on the Whole30 and I’m feeling great! 

Overall I feel my health is better, with energy and digestion being the most notable improvements. I’ve eaten a more varied diet than usual adding in things like Golgi berries, plantains, bee pollen, raw cacao and Brazil nuts. I’ve also been eating a lot more vegetables and juicing. So those are the positives, but some challenges I’ve faced have been food preparation and eating out. I, like many of you, have a busy schedule and preparing food doesn’t always fit nicely into it. Getting into the habit of making my meals everyday is something I’m still struggling to get used to, but I have found some things that help. I highly recommend using a slow cooker or making a meat dish that you can have throughout the week. On day 1 of the Whole30 I made a lamb curry that was absolutely delicious and lasted me for around 5 days. This helped a ton with putting together quick meals when getting home late from work. 

Another obstacle I chose to overcome was finding a substitution for my beloved chips. Ask any of my friends what my favorite food is and they’d definitely all say chips. These unfortunately are not allowed on the Whole30, but because I do consider “crunchy” a food group, I had to look elsewhere for the crunch. Raw vegetables are healthy and tasty, but still not exactly what I was looking for. So, I made plantain chips. These were a delicious solution I highly recommend trying. 

I am excited to continue this journey and keep you updated!