Eva Christensen, LMT Spa, Administration

Eva Christensen is a graduate from Bastyr University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and is an established Licensed Massage Practitioner. She has a strong belief in the integration of intuitive awareness within one’s body to enhance the path to wellness. Eva discovered her passion in the healthcare field through her personal journey where she found wellness is optimally integrated through the mind, body, and spirit. She values connection and working with an individual to support unique needs along their healing path.

Eva has been working at Sophia Health Institute as a lymphatic therapist since November 2016, specializing in deep lymphatic work with the abdomen, trained in the Sophiamatrix technique by founder Ariane Zappe. She also works with directional lymph flow of the whole body while incorporating educational background and dialog.

In addition to these treatments she will be offering relaxation massage. Eva will be open for colon hydrotherapy while integrating the same approach of adding educational support, abdominal massage, and providing proper guidance through the treatment. Eva is very excited to be working with Bella Fiore Klinik to provide additional therapies. With her background based in holistic principles she feels there is a great opportunity to integrate her work and energy to this patient population.