Acupuncture + PRP + Glutathione Push

Give yourself a boost this month with our amazing July Special! Experience Acupuncture on the Biomat, PRP and a Glutathione Push from our Nutritional IV therapy menu for $395 (Save over $400)

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Bonus: Collagen Boost - Take your PRP treatment to the nect level with these three collagen building supplements. Save 15% this month only!

Hyaluronic Acid
Rosehip Vitamin C

August Only

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5 B12 Shots for $100

Have you been thinking about coming in for weekly B12 Shots? Coffee, alcohol, stress and toxins can rapidly deplete our bodies of necessary nutrients. Fight back with B12 Shot and give the body what it needs to replenish nutrients. Now is the perfect time to try it!

Get 5 B12 Shots for $100! ($75 Savings!)

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