Feeling bloated? Tired? Dull? 

We've got the solution.

Treat yourself to a suite of services that will make you feel lighter, brighter, refreshed and ready to take on Fall.

Start your journey with Nutritional IV Therapy to detox, rehydrate, reduce stress and increase energy.  See full menu HERE 

Feeling Refreshed?  Now it's time to unblock anything that is standing in your way with Acupuncture. Your Chinese Medical Practitioner will soothe your nervous system, clear blocks and stimulate the body's innate ability to balance itself and recover from illness. 

Now it's really time to detox... We will start you off with Lymphatic Drainageto remove toxins and excess fluid and further boost the immune system, followed by Colon Hydrotherapy which is the ultimate cleanse that leads to energy boost, increases the bodies absorption of vitamins and nutrients, kick-starts weight loss and even improves concentration.

How to Book?

We recommend booking Nutritional IV Therapy + Acupuncture together and Lymphatic Drainage and Colon Hydrotherapy together, staggering these services over one week for maximum effect. 

Don't wait another second, email or call 206-659-0690 to book today! 

Book during the month of September and Save!

Nutritional IV Therapy + Acupuncture  
$270 (Regularly $300)

Lymphatic Drainage + Colon Hydrotherapy
$225 (Regularly $250)

Book all four services
$465 (Regularly $550)